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George Sheffield
Kingsthorpe, Northampton

The Picture
A charcoal drawing measuring 22” x 30”. Signed G.S. and inscribed ‘Kingsthorp’.

About the Artist
George Sheffield (1839-1892) was born at Wigton, Cumberland. He studied at the Manchester School of Art, and for a time was occupied in making designs for calico-printing. In 1865 he left Manchester for Betws-y-coed in Gwynedd, where he worked assiduously at landscape. In 1868 he exhibited at the Royal Institution Academy at Manchester. The following year he was elected an Associate of the Manchester Academy, becoming a full member in 1871. About this time he moved to Wilmslow in Cheshire, and produced a series of black-and-white drawings. He exhibited six works at the Royal Academy.

The Subject
Kingsthorpe, Northampton. The view is of the church and houses on The Green, viewed from the south. The Church of St John the Baptist, recognisable by its 15th century steeple, is Norman in origin. The bridge seen on the left of the drawing was swept away by floods in the 1970s, and has been replaced by Mill Road.

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