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H. S. Goodhart-Rendel
Group of Cottages at Langham, Rutland

The Painting
A watercolour measuring 12½” x 17¼”. Signed H. S. Goodhart-Rendel, Architect.

About the Artist
Harry Stuart Goodhart-Rendel (1887-1959) was born in Cambridge, the son of Harry Chester Goodhart, a classics don. He assumed the name Rendel in 1902 at the request of his grandfather, Baron Rendel. He developed an appreciation of architecture early in life, although he began by studying music at Cambridge. By 1909 he had taken up architecture professionally and went on to become President of the Architectural Association (1924-5), Slade Professor of Fine Art, Oxford (1933-6), President of the Royal Institute of British Architects (1937-9), Director of the Architectural Association School of Architecture (1936-8), and President of the Design and Industries Association (1948-50). He was the greatest authority on English 19th century architecture of his time, and his writings on Victorian architecture were highly influential. His book English Architecture since the Regency, published in 1953, broke new ground and led towards the present appreciation of Victorian and Edwardian architecture.

The Subject
Group of Cottages at Langham, Rutland, for Owen Hugh Smith. Goodhart-Rendel carried out a number of commissions for Owen Hugh Smith of Langham Old Hall, near Oakham, in 1925-32. These included enlarging the Old Hall and building gatehouses in an Arts and Crafts style. Plans for the cottages dated 10 May 1926, including elevations and sections, exist in the RIBA Drawings Collection. Goodhart-Rendel was working at the time from offices at 60 Tufton Street, London SW1.

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